The Ten Commandments of Group Riding

I received this in an email today and thought it VERY appropriate to our training and unlike the original 10 Commandments, these are subject to change.
  1. Please ride with the appropriate group. This keeps cohesion within a group. If you are a beginner don’t leave with the fast group. If you would like to ride fast, leave with the fast group, please do not ride with the slower group. This is very important in maintaining a good group dynamic.
  2. Be considerate of others. Communicate. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Signal your intentions. Signal road debris. Don’t blow snot rockets in a pace line. Don’t ride aero bars in a pace line, etc.
  3. Stop and help riders who have mechanical issues or have been dropped. If you see that someone is having trouble and no one has stopped to help, then you stop and help.
  4. Don’t hog the front. A good pull is 2-4 minutes. Any longer and you are depriving others of the chance to pull.
  5. Keep your place in line. If you do not wish to pull, then stay in line and roll off the front when your turn comes.
  6. Don’t become upset if you get dropped. Remember that group riding provides not only company, but also raises the awareness of cycling with motorists. Even if you aren’t with the group, knowing that other cyclists are on the road at the same time brings you safety.
  7. Know the route. You are responsible for knowing where to turn. The route we will be taking will be announced each week. Be sure to know what route we are taking before you leave on the ride.
  8. Obey all traffic laws. If we expect motorists to respect our right to the road, we must also respect their rights to the road and the rules.
  9. Use lights, front and rear, if you will be out before light/after dark. You must insure that you will be seen. This is the law in AR.
  10. Give back. If you see a need in group riding or cycling in AR, look for solutions and fill the need.

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