How did you do?

Another Tour de Rock finished.  Whew! What a day!  Hot and windy but made that finish line oh so sweet!

Charles and I didn't get back to the finish line in time to see everyone finish.  How did you do?  If you get a chance, tell us about it.  Just comment on this blog - anonymous if you like - or send an email or post on Facebook.   

Also, if you'd like a jersey, they have extended the deadline to qualify until June 23rd.  They look pretty cool and you just need to raise or donate $150 to get your's.

Thanks everyone for participating in the training rides and the Tour.  We have really enjoyed the training for the first half of the year.  Now, it's on to get ready for the late summer and fall rides! 

Good luck and be safe with all of your riding!  See you on the trails!

Map to the TDR Start

Adrenaline pumping? Mine sure is.  In case you are unfamiliar with the Burns Park soccer field area, this is a map on how to navigate through the park to the Soccer Field Complex.  Once you get into the Soccer Fields, there will be folks to direct you to parking.  Yes, there are restrooms. :-)

Tour de Rock Starting Location

Directions to Tour de Rock start on 6/12:
From I40, take Exit 150
Turn right at the first turn which is Arlene Leyman.
Turn left on Tournament Drive.
Parking in lots off the right side of the road.

2010 CARTI Tour de Rock

It's here! Finally!  The 7th Annual CARTI Tour de Rock is this coming Saturday, June 12th, and it promises to be one for the record books.  The temps will be in the low 90s; more people than ever have been training; and the swag bag is bigger and better than ever! What about you - are you ready to ride?
Before one of my first rides, someone said to me "think of it as just another training ride."  Obviously that meant I was wound tighter than a top and should just relax.  Pretty good advice.  So, I share it with you now - especially if this is your first time out.

Go over your bike.
Check the tires, tubes, brakes, saddle bag.  If you need anything, get out and get it tomorrow.  Don't wait until Friday or worse Saturday to figure out you need to replace something.

Go over your apparel.
Now isn't the time to try new shorts.  That could be a real disaster if you haven't tried them before.  A new, untried jersey can also make a 100-mile bike ride very uncomfortable.  Now, where are your gloves and your helmet? How about your sunglasses? Are you wearing a sweatband?  Get 'em ready now.  Put your sunscreen with your apparel so you remember to put it on.  Now, whatever you do, don't forget the chamois cream, butt butter, whatever you call it. Those are not the kind of racing stripes you want!

Staging is a good idea so you don't have that last minute running around that makes you late and panicky at the start.

Got your water bottles ready?
Pack two.  Are you drinking just water at the start? Should you add ice to one?  Or, are you taking your CamelBak? Is it clean and ready to go?

Got your favorite gel, chews, or bars handy? Again, now is the time to stock up. Plan your ride, your pace. Know when and what you'll be eating and make sure you have it ready to go.

Registration/Packet Pick Up.
  • Thursday, June 10th at CARTI/St. Vincent, from noon until 7 p.m.
  • Friday, June 11th at Riverfront Wyndham Hotel, North Little Rock, from noon until 7 p.m.

What else?
Remember, ride the ride you have trained for and then just ride it like any other training ride.

Oh, one more thing,

Unofficial Tour de Rock Day at Dickey-Stephens Park
Saturday, June 12th the Travelers play the NWA Naturals and you're invited!  Every registration includes a free ticket to the game that evening (...while supplies last.)  You'll find the ticket in your goodie bag - it's small but it's in there! Wear your TDR T-Shirt and come join us!