Each Saturday, a group of volunteers will host group training rides of varying distances to help prepare cyclists for the 2010 CARTI Tour de Rock. We are excited to help promote cycling in the community and the great state of Arkansas. Our goal is to introduce cyclists to some different routes outside of the river trails as well as to give cyclists an opportunity to ride in a group atmosphere. This is great practice as the 2010 cycling season gets underway.

Another one of our goals this year, is to change up the terrain a bit to give people an opportunity to ride some flats and some hills. To that end, there will be a few different starting locations. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR THE TRAINING EMAIL SO YOU’LL KNOW WHERE TO MEET EACH WEEK! (You can also join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get this info. See below.)

Pace Groups:
The CARTI Tour de Rock group rides have three groups to accommodate the different paces –
  • “A Group” averages 20-plus mph
  • “B Group” averages 16-18 mph
  • “C Group” averages 14-16 mph
On the Training Ride Schedule, you’ll note the START TIMES for the rides. Please plan to arrive 20 - 30 minutes prior to the posted start time so you can get your bike and yourself prepared to start promptly at the posted time. As the routes get longer and the days get warmer, we’ll start earlier in the day to leave you plenty of time to enjoy your weekend.
  • March Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
  • April Start Time: 8:00 a.m.
  • May/June Start Time: 7:00 a.m.
Our first ride, Saturday, March 13th, will start at 9:00 a.m. at River Trail Rentals and cover a distance of 25 miles. Ride before then so you are prepared for that distance. After that, you can easily build up each week to your desired distance/pace and with the safety net of a group. Once we reach distances of 50 miles or more, we’ll even provide rest stops so you can replenish along the way. This year, we plan to cover new routes and get in some hills too.

Whatever group you’re in, we have a no-drop policy so you don’t need to worry about being stranded.

We also recommend riding on your own during the week to keep your legs loose for the longer Saturday rides. The river trail system, on both the Little Rock and North Little Rock side, is a great place to ride and meet other cyclists.

To join this weekly ridefest, you’ll need TWO things:
  1. A helmet. No helmet, no ride. If nothing else, we really do want everyone to be safe. As cautious as we all are, accidents can still happen. TRUST ME – you do not want to go down without a helmet.
  2. A waiver. The lawyers make us do it. Download the waiver and email it to or bring it to the first training ride and turn it in. You only have to do it the one time. Thank you!
There is just one more thing - make sure you sign in each Saturday before the ride. After you finish the day’s route, cross your name off the list so we can make sure you’ve made it back in.

Remember to pack the proper hydration, nutrition and a flat kit! We’ll do our best to have treats for the end of the ride but you should always plan to bring the nutrition and hydration that works best for your exercise. And, if you ride a bike, you already know you should carry a spare tube and a pump. Your bike shop can help you with the right flat kit for your bike.

Facebook/Twitter Accounts: If you have a Facebook account, join our Tour de Rock group. (You find the group by doing a Facebook search for the Group “Tour de Rock”.) To view some pics from training rides, visit the Tour de Rock Facebook album. You can also follow us on Twitter@TDRTraining.

We can’t wait to ride with you!