Travelling Side-by-Side: Legal or Not?

For many cyclists, socializing with others while riding, is one of the fundamental pleasures of the sport. But the question arises: Is side-by-side riding legal?  Is it safe? 

Bob Mionske asks this very question in an article for In the article, Mr. Mionske indicates that Arkansas has not explicitly stated that riding two abreast is legal or illegal.  Therefore, according to the author and lawyer, it should be allowed and legal whereever it is safe to do so.   
Finally, eight states [Arkansas included] neither explicitly prohibit nor permit riding side by side. Because the activity is not prohibited by law, and because the vehicle codes of these states contemplate that cyclists will be sharing lanes when it is safe to do so, riding two (or more) abreast is implicitly allowed by these states. Sometimes, law enforcement officers in these states will cite two-abreast riders because one of the cyclists is not riding as close to the right as is practicable.
He goes on to say, 
"And, legal considerations aside, when contemplating riding two abreast it is important to remember common courtesy. Helping motorists safely pass your group by singling up when you can will go a long way to improving cyclist-motorist relations. It’s a small courtesy worth extending."  
Bob, we agree completely.  
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We love riding in groups.  It is one of the best parts of the weekend. (I mean really - mow and clean or ride my bike?) One of the goals for our pace setters/leaders is to help everyone be safe not constricted.  No bossiness intended but we may get a little anxious when cars are backing up or cyclists are needing to cross over into oncoming traffic to pass. 

So, with our bigger groups, let's all be cognizant of traffic in front and behind us and let's not impede traffic in any way. Who knows? Maybe next year, North Little Rock will be a "Gold" Bicycle Friendly Community and Little Rock will be in the top half of the Best Cities for Bicycling.

For more on the Arkansas statutes and code, I found this document.

(If you are interested, more on this topic will be discussed in the upcoming Group Training course on May 1st!)

Ya'll, I'm not a lawyer and don't even want to play one on weekends (no offense to my legal buddies).  I do want to convey why some of the volunteers may "fuss" a tad to help keep the whole group safe and citation-free.  

See you Saturday!


  1. I like the article and feedback. We don't want the road traffice to get upset.

  2. I realy enjoyed the ride today even though it was windy.
    Not to make a pun. I thank Wendy for leading the flat ride. Take Care and God Bless.